June Meeting Location


The June monthly meeting will be held Tuesday, June 16 at 7:00PM at the Mill Creek Ranger Station located at the corner of Bryant and Route 38. Visitors and guests are welcome.  Enter off Bryant and drive around  back to find our meeting place. 

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11th Annual Calvert & Johnston Memorial Golf Tournament


Registration is now open for the 11th Annual Calvert & Johnston Memorial golf tournament.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

11a Calimesa Country Club

See attached flyer for mail-in registration info, or register online below.

Sponsor Registration Flyer

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August Meeting Location


New location for August monthly meeting, tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 19 at 7:00.  It's at the new Yucaipa Sheriff station at 34144 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa, the corner of Yucaipa Blvd and Jeremiah MacKay Way. Visitors and guests are welcome.

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October Meeting


This month's meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct 15, at 7 PM at the Yucaipa Sheriff's Station.  Visitors and those interested in becoming a SAR team member are welcome to attend.

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Detective Jeremiah MacKay...one of our own...


With heavy hearts we were honored to be asked to join the procession for Fallen Officer Detective Jeremiah MacKay of the San Bernardino County Sheriff deptartment assigned to  Yucaipa station.Detective MacKay, a 35-year-old father of two, was killed February 12,2013 in the San Bernardino Mountains while pursuing Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer who was suspected of killing 3 people (including Riverside Officer Michael Crain) and injuring several others. Dorner was found dead in a burning cabin in the Barton Flats area after a shootout with authorities.

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SAR Council Calendar of Upcoming Events


March 10: Sheriffs Star In Motion 10K Run

March 20: SAR Council Meeting

April 6: Helitac Training

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February Team Meeting


This month's meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, February 27, 7 PM at the Yucaipa Sheriff's Station.  Visitors and those interested in becoming a SAR member are welcome.

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January Team Meeting


January Team Meeting will be held at the Yucaipa Police Station, 34282 Yucaipa, Boulevard. Visitors and those interested in becoming a SAR member are welcome.

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January Meeting at Yucaipa Sheriff's Station


Due to lack of heat and space at the SAR barn, January's meeting will take place at the Yucaipa Sheriff's station on the corner of 5th Street and Yucaipa Boulevard in Yucaipa.


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Rescue near Frustration Creek


Very good to get victim out of there alive and also finally understand what is up that drainage...it may sound crazy but we always wondered what it was like up there. Possibly our first SAR in that drainage just south east of Frustration...Just a couple notes:
This rescue after the 5 hour search involved 3 belayed lowerings; the first one of 90ft & the next of also about 90ft & another of 30ft of the litter team & victim from the initial victims location at the cliff bottom to the grow extraction point within the inactive grow. Around 1 am we decided this semi clear buck brush area offered the best manageable clearance for a hoist with the least amount of clearance & maintenance work. To get Chris there we had 8 on the litter & 1 handling the belay. Slope was never more than 20 to 25 degrees for that section & route into the grow. Within the grow we dug 3 leveled out bivy sites for the victim & rescuers to share. The grow was well fertilized with Miracle grow & urea of some sort...very smelly & bad for the streams...
Larry served as safety & carried 200ft of dynamic & I had 175ft of 9mm static & 100ft of dynamic. We all kept our harnesses on from insertion at 6833ft to Hiway 38 at 4727ft as the terrain was unknown & very uneven. We ran into spiders, carpenter ants, scorpions & Lion tracks. Known injuries were limited to buck brush scratches & poison oak rashes.

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